Overrun Crib Sheet

by Tom Repetti

JR van Mechelen's excellent Dance With The Tiger article in BB #2 was very helpful in explaining the Overrun rules, but I thought a flowchart/cribsheet would also be good. Here's an ASCII version which tries to summarize JR's salient points. Please let me know if there are any mistakes or things which should be further clarified. This is supposed to be a quick reference sheet, so brevity is important and I didn't want to cover every little detail.

  1. Vehicle moves up to Defender's Location, surviving First Fire but can't use BFF except for other OVR's.

  2. Vehicle enters Defender's Location - only fully tracked CT BU AFV may enter a Building.
    • Check for:
      • Bog.
      • Rubble - cdr <= 0 on Bog Check DR (-1 drm each for wooden bldg/single story house) [B23.41].
      • Falling into Cellar - original 6 on Bog Check cdr.
      • Hut Collapse - automatic if AFV enters [G5.4],
    • If Location has any Known units, vehicle must declare OVR and expend the OVR MP upon entry (1/4 MP, FRU [D7.1]).
    • If all defenders are concealed, vehicle holds off on OVR announcement until ? units take PAATC or reveal. Vehicle can then make OVR if still Mobile, paying MP cost [A12.41].
    • Concealed units in Location must either:
      • drop concealment, or
      • if not exempt, take one combined PAATC (1PAATC if Inexperienced) using lowest Morale in the stack [A12.41]. Leadership does apply.
        • Pass = retain concealment.
        • Fail = lose concealment and Pin.
    • Defender can First Fire vs the vehicle's COT/OVR MP expenditure, but Reaction Fire has to wait until after OVR is resolved.
    • Immob/Shock/Stun/vehicle destruction won't prevent an already-announced OVR, but will halve its FP.
    • OVR Prevention [C5.641].
      • Non-vehicular Gun may change CA to include the hexside being entered and get a shot off, even if already marked with IF counter. Can't do it if CA fixed by previous fire from woods/bldg/rubble or crew pinned.
      • TH DR is also NMC vs crew. If crew breaks or Pins, shot has no effect.
      • Mark Gun with No Fire if it had previously IF'd.
    • In-hex target facing from TH cdr [D3.2]:
      • 1-2 = rear
      • 3-4 = side
      • 5-6 = front
      • (Good for LATW that can't penetrate front armor of OVR'ing AFV).

  3. Resolve the OVR vs any soft targets in the Location.
    • OVR FP:
      • 4 (AFV with usable MA not MG/FT/IFE/ATR/MTR).
      • 2 (other AFV).
      • 1 (unarmed vehicle).
        + FT firepower
        + 3/2 (TPBF/BFF) [usable MG (not RMG) + IFE + passengers of CE armored HT + 1/2 * (Riders + passengers not in CE armored HT {Mounted Fire})].
      • NOTES: Pinned Passengers are halved and OVR FP halved vs concealed target.
    • OVR DRM's:
      • Armor Leader or Passenger Leader directing Passengers.
      • TEM (NA to FT-only attacks [D7.15]).
      • Smoke.
      • FFMO vs Inf/Cav in OG (inc. Entrenchments, Emplacement, Shellhole, vehicle, wreck, bridge, wall, Bocage, Smoke).
      • +2 for Motion Vehicle targets and their Vulnerable PRC.

  4. Reaction Fire - Use as often as any other kind of First/Final Fire - vs OVR, is resolved after the OVR has occurred.
    • FPF Reaction Fire (CCRF or non-CCRF) required if:
      • Inf/Cav already marked with Final Fire when OVR.
      • Non-Vehicular Gun is marked with any fire counter [D7.23].
      • Even if Pinned.
    • CC Reaction Fire:
      • Inf/Cav must be unbroken, unpinned, armed, not in Melee.
      • Use CC vs Vehicles rules.
      • PAATC (1PAATC for Inexperienced) required unless you took one for this vehicle already.
        • Pass = attack using CC rules.
        • Fail = pinned, no attack unless FPF CCRF.
      • When done, CCRF'ing units and all their SW are marked with CC and First/Final Fire as appropriate
    • Non-CC RF:
      • Basically any Reaction Fire that's resolved on IFT or TK table.
      • NA if already marked with CC counter [D7.22], so NA if unit has already performed a CC RF attack.
      • Guns: - Must turn CA to match vehicle, but Cases A and E are NA (Good for Ordnance pointing close to the way the OVR'ing vehicle is facing).
        • Attack automatically hits rear target facing.
        • NA if Gun can't change CA.

  5. Vehicle exits the hex if desired.
    • Leaving hex:
      • Complete Trail Break [B13.421] for fully-tracked AFV in woods, forest, jungle, or bamboo.
    • Staying in the hex:
      • Sangar automatically eliminated if fully tracked mobile AFV conducts an OVR [F8.41].
      • Random SW Destruction for unpossessed or non-portable SW/Guns not in an Entrenchment/Pillbox when OVR by a fully-tracked AFV if it ends the turn in the Location. Note that if no Personnel are in the Location, such an OVR would automatically elim the SW/Guns [A9.74].
      • Surviving infantry will be able to attack in CCPh.
      • Vehicle must be able to Shock/kill enemy AFV on an original TK/IFT DR of 5 [D2.6] if staying in its hex.