West of Alamein


Avalon Hill



Module 5, out of print.

British & Commonwealth counters, desert warfare (Chapter F), 5 boards (25-29), 8 scenarios and overlays. Yanks is a prerequisite.

2nd EDITION: There will be TWO British modules. "For King and Country" (KFaC), includes the British and Commonwealth counters and Chapter H rules, Boards 1, 7, 8, & 12, and reprinted British scenarios from now out-of-print sources.

WoA2 (not yet available) will contain Chapter F and associated counters, the 5 desert boards (25-29), desert overlays and the reprinted WoA scenarios. FKaC will obviously be a prerequisite. WoA2 will also include the first installment of Chapter M, ASL Analysis, a reprint of Mark Nixon's article "Gunned-Up In The Desert".

The major reason for the change is apparently that many people resisted buying the old WoA because they weren't interested in the desert rules, even if they were interested in the British counters. The new arrangement permits those interested in the British but not interested in the desert to buy just those, while those who also want the desert will be able to get that in a separate package. (Note however that some scenarios in future modules use the "desert boards" even when depicting a non-desert action.) (updated from the FAQ)

Publisher's Description


Designers Notes


Boards 25, 26, 27, 28, 29
Desert Overlays
Escarpment Overlay
Chapter F, H British
Chapter F Divider
Scenarios 35 - 42
6 Counter Sheets


ASL 35: Blazin' Chariots ASL 36: Rachi Ridge ASL 37: Khamsin  ASL 38: Escape from Derna
ASL 39: Turning the Tables ASL 40: Fort McGregor ASL 41: A Bridgehead Too Wet ASL 42: Point of No Return

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